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“I really enjoyed your class and your teaching style! You made the class very interesting and fun!”  ~ Linda S

Thank you for an amazing week!  I learned so many things in your class and I am excited to put all of it into action as soon as I have set up my business.  In the meantime, I would love to assist with any of your upcoming projects and would also love to see you again.  You are a wonderful teacher and your warm personality and positive attitude made the classes fun and the week go by so quickly.

If you make any further changes to the condo we visited yesterday, I would love to see the "after" pictures and would appreciate it if you would send these to me.  My goal is to complete the test next week and I hope to send it to you as soon as possible. Thanks again.  Please feel free to use me as a referral. Warm regards ~ Shazia

Hi, I know it's been forever since my training, but I've gotten really good at measuring and hanging stuff. If you remember, it was something I never wanted to do and waited for someone else to do. I was with clients Sunday afternoon and was educating the husband in the art of hanging 2 pictures side by side. So, thank you! ~ Beth

I am so grateful to have found you (actually the credit belongs to my hubby!) and had the privilege of attending your seminar. You gave us a wealth of information to take with us and also some great tools and supplies - thank you! If we don't make good use of it, it's our own fault! I really appreciated your good natured approach to mentoring and advising. You have just the right touch. It gave us the confidence we needed. You were so kind to send your lovely note with the words of encouragement. I hope we can stay in touch! ~ Sarah

I don't think you'll ever know how much you changed my life and inspired me. I have had a rough few years and really been on my own since I was 18 years old. Now that I finally am settled, I can start following my dream, and You are the reason I can do so. Your love for helping others to follow their dreams & Passions radiate from you. I think there are few people you come across that not only impact your life but give as as much love as you have given to me. Just being around you makes me a better person, thank you for that. I don't have a lot of money, yet!, but would have paid triple that to take this class and learn what I did! Thank you for everything! ~ Emily

Today was totally amazing.  After you left Dani and I sat in the living room and just enjoyed the moment.  Unbelievable to me.  My husband honestly loved it.  At first he said, "I am impressed."  Then he said, "I didn't expect to be this impressed."  Great job by you and your class.  You did things I have tried to envision (like a table behind my couch) and did it in such an unexpected way (using the sewing machine).  I also couldn't see past the square box of the room - and therefore thought a table would block things.

Concerns:  Nothing really.  I was already committed to changing the space.  I did not realize you would draw from things throughout the house - I might have been more worried about the messes that abound if I had known that.  But it was a brilliant way to go.  I was glad it was the day after my cleaning service!

Initial reaction:  Thrilled!  Surprised!  Incredulous both at the work done and the effort it must have taken.

One sentence:  This was a transformation beyond my expectations in that it made the space more livable and also showcased out life's interests in a perfect way.

Family member with most reaction:  Probably me - I have envisioned change for so long and was blown away by the possibilities.  Your work has given me so much food for thought especially as I keep finding hidden treasures that you uncovered.

Value to price:  This is the cost effective way to go!  Great value for the money - like getting an entirely new home.

Recommend:  You bet!  I knew you could do it but I am impressed that your class was able to create such an amazing space.

Again, Grace Ann, thanks.  I will let you know when someone in my circle is looking for redesign work.


You have given me new energy to tackle this project.  Thanks so much for the lengthy call this am and advice.  Annually I get a glitch that I need your professional help and it is always solved quite well. Keep teaching and inspiring.  Thanks.

Here’s the scoop…Last Fall I had the most marvelous gift bestowed upon me.  I was so frustrated with my bedroom and trying to rearrange the furniture to look right and I could not come up with anything.  A friend of mine sent her neighbor, who teaches Interior Redesign, over to my house to “redesign a room or 2”.  If any of you have seen the new set up in my bedroom or in my living room, you know how much I love it and how much more amazing everything looks.  I feel like I am on vacation in my bedroom.  She really listened to me and created something I never would have thought of.  It’s so creative and gorgeous – just what I wanted.

For anyone interested in learning everything there is to know about the redesign and home staging trade from a professional, well-respected, high energy and ultra-talented instructor...Grace Ann is the person to contact. Her personalized approach, attention to detail and willingness to share all she knows about the industry makes for the optimum learning experience. As a fellow redesign and staging instructor, I highly recommend Grace Ann and her business. ~ Sandy Dixon, The Staging Trainer February 20, 2012

My training at MRSi was central to my ability to be able to launch my own decorating company. GraceAnn has a broad-base of knowledge of all facets of the industry, is personable and very creative. Her courses are an excellent blend of classroom instruction and field training. As a class, we were completing redesigns by our second day of class. ~ Beth Bernardi, Oct/Dec 2009 Graduate

Few redesigners and stagers are as talented as GraceAnn is.  She has a keen ability to redesign a room such that the architecture is best complimented and the furniture layout is the most visually appealing as well as functional.  In addition, GraceAnn is a gifted teacher and mentor, infusing her certification courses with knowledge gained from her vast experience as a redesign and staging professional. ~ Beth Bernardi, Oct/Dec 2009 Graduate

Thank you GraceAnn.  I had a great time in class and learned so much!  I got my tests back and my certificates:)  I also received my paint swatches and the tools I ordered- thank you.  I'm looking forward to starting my business thanks to all of the knowledge and experiences you shared.  Thank you again, talk with you soon! ~ Meghann Carpenter, October 2011 Graduate

GraceAnn thank you for the great class.  I am so excited to get started and can't wait for the certification program.  Your class environment is informative and interactive.  The small class size is a great way to meet others interested in the field.  ~ Meghann Holleran, June 2011 Graduate

The hands-on training was 'priceless'. I'm thrilled to be part of this network of professional stagers and redesigners. ~ Janice Kennedy - April 2011 Graduate

I just wanted to tell you how much I enjoyed the Home Staging certification course last week. I have been following your advice to get the word out each day talking to at least one person. I was so delighted that I had this opportunity and enjoyed meeting Jenna and Janice as well as yourself - you are truly an inspiration. 

Also I have been reading my manual in preparation for the exam and know this is going to be an exciting career and one I will love - I feel very confident about that and you are so right - there is nothing better than doing something you love.

Thank you again, Maureen - April 2011 Graduate

We were all in such a hurry to leave yesterday and I didn't get a chance to thank you personally for such a wonderful class. I learned so much about the staging industry and also valuable 'tricks of the trade' to make staging faster and safer. The mix between in-class instruction and hands-on experience was a great way to put theory into practice. Loved it.

Thank You - I will definitely recommend your class to anyone who's interested in joining the industry. Denise - March 2011 Graduate

Rose GentryOh thank you so much. You just made my day! I really enjoyed your class. I love your teaching method. You’re the best! ~ Rosalyn Parks - September 2010 Graduate

I recently took the staging classes taught by GraceAnn, and I got much more than I had expected. I was very impressed by her knowledge, experience, high energy, and enthusiasm.
The class was very informative, and it was great to have hands-on experience as well. Most of all, this training guides you in detail on how to start your own business with necessary information and useful tips. I am very satisfied and happy that I chose Midwest Staging and Re-design Institute. GraceAnn’s energy and knowledge engaged me and were vital for me to raise the courage to start a new career. ~ Stylish Homes Staging, Rose Gentry – August 2010 Graduate

GraceAnn Simoni is the ultimate teaching professional! She is warm, interested (and interesting), and aware of her students needs. The 5 day course I attended gave me more than I anticipated in terms of knowledge, confidence, and know-how. The experience of hands-on redesign in the client's home was invaluable. The spot on information for business start up, perfect. I can personally attest to the wonderful opportunity available for follow up advice and information after class is over. I would highly recommend the Midwest Staging and Redesign Institute to anyone considering a career in this field. ~ Joyce Jasurda Hammig January 2010 Graduate

Grace Ann's redesign course was great! She is able to pull the best out of her students. I learned so much more than I could have imagined about redesigning spaces. Her course has given me the confidence I needed to pursue work as an interior redesigner. I highly recommend the Midwest Staging and Redesign Institute!" ~ Terri Urquhart April 2009 Graduate

I am so excited about the education and experience I got by attending Midwest Staging and Redesign Institute! GraceAnn is one of the best of the best! She makes the book knowledge easy to understand and her expertise at the actual stagings was invaluable!!!! I am so grateful that I chose MSRI to get my certification! ~ Sandi Street-Potter June 2009 Graduate

I call it a happy bit of luck that I found the Midwest Staging Redesign Institute while looking on the web one early morning. I made one of the wisest decisions of my life to push that enroll tab. The knowledge and energy that the instructor, GraceAnn, shared with the class was wonderful. She gave me the experience and confidence to start my own business. Without this opportunity, I would still be dreaming of being a stager and redesigner without making this big step into starting a business. I want to truly thank GraceAnn for all her support both during the training and also following our completion of the class. Thank you so much Midwest Staging Redesign Institute and GraceAnn. ~ Claudia Chapman October 2008 Graduate

The class was fun and very informative. The hands-on redesigns were very valuable. GraceAnn is a passionate energetic instructor. Thank you for a great 5 days! ~ Cathy, September 2008 Graduate

The 5 day course was packed with information! GraceAnn is an energetic, passionate trainer, who made the class fun as well as informative. The hands-on redesigning was very valuable. It left the trainees feeling confident that we had gained the knowledge needed to start our own business. Thank you GraceAnn! ~ Cathy Sehnert September 2008 Graduate

KUDO'S Grace Ann on a job well done!!! I enjoyed your class so much and walked away with more confidence and skills than anticipated. I started by redesign business in 2003 and learned more in your 5 day class then I could ever teach myself. Thank-You!!! ~ Shelley Amato, January 2009 Graduate

Hi GraceAnn, Thank you so much for a great week of training and fun! I learned so much and truly enjoyed the opportunity to do redesigns in a variety of homes (the hands on training certainly helped with my confidence level). Your training manuals are great resources that I'm sure I'll refer to often. I'm so glad I chose Midwest Staging and Redesign Institute for my training (more importantly, I'm glad I had you as my trainer).
Thanks again for everything and I'll keep in touch!
P.S. I just received by Benjamin Moore paint kit and can't wait to play with the color samples. ~ Mary Kubiak, September 2008 Graduate

I loved this class! It didn't just train me on appropriate & creative furniture placement or how to bring beauty to a room through lighting techniques & accessorizing. I also received training regarding the business angle of staging and redesign. The instructors made the whole week so much fun as well as informative. The best part, though, was the actual "hands-on" experience of redesigning real client homes. This part of the class really helped build everyone's' confidence in applying everything that we'd learned. ~ Cynthia M., March 2006 Graduate

GraceAnn was a terrific instructor. She had the redesign expertise, and shared her home business experiences as well. She made class fun and informative and was very good and building up your confidence so that YOU TOO CAN REDESIGN! Marcella Host, ReUse Redesigned, April 2008 Graduate

This was one to the best experiences of my life. Little did I know that this was something that I had been trying to do for years. I was very fortunate to have found GraceAnn on the web. She was phenomenal. And she certainly does her homework. This makes class both in the classroom and out in the field interesting, informative, and creative. GraceAnn is the perfect instructor. She brings so much of herself, and her ideas, as a part of her program, that she creates confidence in you and is always accessible to you. When I advertise that I have graduated from MSRI, which is connected to IRIS and HGTV people always pay more attention and want more input. Thank you so much! Linda Mitchell A New Leaf February 2008 Graduate

Midwest Staging Redesign is one of the best courses I have taken. I was taught how to transform any room into a beautiful space in one week. Working alone side with Grace Ann and other team redesigners was truly a great experience for me. Kushonda Wideman February 2008 Graduate

For anyone who is considering taking redesign or staging courses I highly recommend the Midwest Staging Redesign Institute. The course was very comprehensive covering interior design basics and also providing homes where the students could apply all that we had learned during the course. I was very impressed by the quality of the course books, the format of the class, meals that were provided and all the additional information and products that were given to us to help us succeed with our new businesses. After the classes were completed the instructors help guide us with setting up our business and even referred clients to us. How encouraging to have instructors who really care about us and our success. I feel they fully prepared me for staging and redesigning our client’s homes. Finishing Touch Redesigns - Joanne, May 2006 Graduate

I am a former student of both the Redesign and the Staging Class. I was most impressed by the entire experience, beginning with the prompt response to my on-line registration. I received a personal call from GraceAnn Simoni, the instructor, who spent the time with me on the phone helping me understand the difference between the two courses, what was included in the courses, and how I would benefit from both of them. The courses were extremely professional, in terms of the materials provided as well as the content. GraceAnn is an excellent instructor, who not only shares her own wealth of experience with the class, but takes the time to make the classes very hands-on, informative, interesting, and fun! There are multiple opportunities to work on-site at homes that are previously selected for the purposes of redesign or staging, and opportunities provided to work directly with GraceAnn, who continues to guide the class while providing individual instruction when requested. Unlike other courses, the relationship with MSRI does not end when the class ends. It continues, if so desired, with networking opportunities, connections to other national Redesign and Staging organizations, and the ability for exposure on a national web site. I highly recommend this course for anyone who is interested in a career in Redesign and Staging, and who is looking for the most professional organization with which to be affiliated. Marianne Yurko, Redesigned W/You In Mind, September 2007 Graduate

Joan FabianoI am pleased to comment on my experience attending the 5 day ReDesign course last August. First, I would like to say that Grace Ann is a wonderful teacher with a very organized and interesting class day schedule. She combined hands on experience as well as class room instruction that included a lot of visual aids. The class was fun, thorough and of course my classmates were great. The materials I came home with have been very useful with lots of resources .I have just recently been focusing on getting my business going. I researched the many training organizations and methods before choosing MSRI for my training. I knew that I was a "hands on visual" person and didn't think the teleconferencing style would be as beneficial. I am returning in July to take the Home Staging course and really looking forward to the experience. Grace Ann is a wonderful mentor and a very valuable resource and I highly recommend her courses. She has a contagious passion that brings great energy to the class. Sincerely, Sarah Sterlacci SS ReDesigns, August 2007 Graduate

I truly enjoyed the MSRI. Graceann was a pleasure to work with and an inspiration when it came to redesign. The course was informative and very hands-on, as was the size of the class. It was perfect for one-on-one attention. I would highly recommend this course to anyone interested in pursuing a new career. Christy Ferguson - Rooms ReDesigned, February 2008 Graduate

I really enjoyed the Real Estate Staging class I took with the Midwest Staging Redesign Institute and would recommend it to others looking at getting into this business. The actual experience to go to several homes to stage them was so beneficial. You are provided with everything you need to setup your own business. The association with IRIS - Interior Redesign Industry Specialist was one of the other reasons I chose to take this course thru MSRI. I am looking forward to taking the Redesign course in the future. Rachel Curran, October 2006 Graduate

As a realtor, I took a basic staging course through our park district which was taught by GraceAnn Simoni. I enjoyed that course thoroughly and was very excited to see that she had a more in-depth program where I could learn a lot more about home staging and practice it as well. The three day course was even better than I had expected. We had the opportunity to stage a home that was occupied as well as a vacant one with rental furniture. The experience has helped me develop my skills. I look forward to, some day, being able to attend her redesign class as well. Jill Aoki, October 2005 Graduate

The Midwest Staging Redesign Institute is a well designed program to teach the aspects of redesign and staging. The classroom study was informative and visually stimulating. Being able to have the hands on experience of working on homes was very exciting. The homes selected when I went through the class were all different and gave us an idea of what we would see and work with once we were out on our own. GraceAnn is a wonderful, warm, engaging instructor. Beth Curtis, Redesign 2 Shine, Inc., April 2007 Graduate

Romancing Your HomeSarah SterlacciI took the 3 day staging class with Grace Ann and it was an invaluable "hands on" course! The experience of staging two homes, with GraceAnn's guidance was the opportunity, not only to put to use what I was learning in class but helped me gain confidence. In addition, the class instruction and handouts were tremendously beneficial in helping me start my own business the right way. Furthermore, Grace Ann has been available to answer questions as I started my business, "Romancing Your Home" which is so appreciated. I highly recommend Grace Ann and the Midwest Staging Redesign Institute. Joan Fabiano "Romancing Your Home", November 2007 Graduate

I took the 3 day staging class with MSRI and Grace Ann's method is clear, concise and easy to understand and implement. The "hands on" experience is priceless. She encourages and guides you long after the class is over. She is personable and professional and I highly recommend her course. I even took a refresher course! Iolanda of LaStanza Interiors, May 2007 Graduate

I thoroughly enjoyed my training class at the Midwest Staging Redesign Institute. The hands-on experience was a great opportunity and our instructor was very friendly and knowledgeable about the business. I would definitely take classes there again. Vicki Saxton, House to Home Creation, April 2008 Graduate

Attending MSRI Redesign class was a great experience for me. With the small class size of only 5, we received a wealth of information, hand-outs and hands on experience. I don't know what else could have been squeezed into our 1 week class. GraceAnn is an excellent instructor as well as very nice and easy to talk. I would and have recommended her to anyone looking for redesign or staging. Judy-Show Me Redesign, October 2007 Graduate

The staging class was incredibly informative. There were no topics left uncovered. If you are interested in home staging, this class is a must. Cherie Jones New Beginnings Staging, September 2007 Graduate

I read about the MSRI in my local newspaper, and thought "I finally found what I have been waiting for!" Grace Ann was not only informative, but funny, knowledgeable, and interesting. Her warm personality made the class a success for me. I learned everything I needed to start my own business. I am so excited to be starting this next phase of my life doing what I love. Though I felt I had the "instincts" of how to do redesign and staging, I now have the backing of a completed program to give me the validation of a professional. A big thank-you to Grace Ann for a wonderful program, and I would recommend it to anyone interested in this field! Chris Nance A Reflection of You Home Interiors, April 2008 Graduate

I'm very proud to be a certified Interior redesign from Midwest Redesign Institute. The teacher is very informative and very easy to understand. And the thing I most like about Midwest Redesign Institute is once you are a student of theirs; you will always be their student. You can always ask GraceAnn anytime in the future about question you might have regarding the field, insurance, how to get incorporated and everything that you might want to know. She was always sincere to help us, that's awesome. And I'm very confidence about doing redesign anytime and anywhere because of them. Randy R - East West Interior Redesign, October 2006 Graduate

Midwest Staging Redesign Institute is the best! GraceAnn is a wonderful teacher, and I say teacher because she not only taught about staging and redesign but also life experiences in the business. She taught us how rewarding a career in staging and redesign could be not only financially but emotionally as well. The class was taught very professional and personal. I learned so much and felt very welcomed and relaxed. I left the class with the knowledge and confidence to start and build a very rewarding career and how to make a difference in someone's life. I would highly recommend the Midwest Staging Redesign Institute. Jennifer Paschedag, September 2007 Graduate

Hi there: I am a Canadian and my boyfriend lives in Naperville, so I was very excited to learn that I could take a staging course in Naperville. The class was small and I was able to learn so much from GraceAnn. I also know that anyone who lives in that area or in the States gets referrals from the school and can also work with GraceAnn on occasion, which gives them a heads up on their business and also gives them the constant support of GraceAnn. What did we do, you ask? We had classroom advice and lessons every morning, and then we went out to homes in the afternoon and applied what we had learnt in the morning. We talked about what would be right for the room, in placement and furniture settings. Some rooms you would go into had several focal points and flow. You needed to find a flow to the home to make it work for the potential purchaser also gently being able to tell the homeowner, that they have a product on the market that is for sale, and trying to have them understand that they need to make the best of their home for that market. Also being shown that there are several reasons for a home sale, some happy occasions some not... that also helped with the philosophy of the sale. I would definitely go back to take another course with Midwest Staging Redesign Institute and am hoping to take the redesign course when my arm heals.., GraceAnn made the course easy to understand and gave us the right supplies to go with the information. L.S. December 2007 Graduate

I was very apprehensive when I signed up for MSRI. I thought so many things would be above my head. I am happy to say that the class was not only very easy to follow but, inspirational, insightful, helpful, interesting, and loads of hands on. I thoroughly enjoyed the instructor, GraceAnn Simoni, She appreciated your input and was able to add practical points. I am very glad I participated and graduated from MSRI. I also find the people I talk to about business are much more receptive to my ideas when they find out about credentials. Thanks again for everything. Linda Mitchell, A New Leaf, February 2008 Graduate

Graceann did a great job of making the class fun, informative and fast paced. We especially enjoyed the hands on projects, when we could see our talents come to life in a beautifully redesigned home. The knowledge I gained in this course has helped me immensely in starting my own business in redesign and staging. Thanks Graceann! grand redesign & staging, June 2007 Graduate

I took the 3 day staging class with Grace Ann and it was awesome! I had researched many other classes and found most were available online only. I chose MSRI because it was a "hands on" course. Grace Ann's instruction along with staging two homes gave me the ability to put in to practice what she talked about in class. The class was very informative and fun!! Thanks for helping me move on to this next phase in my life! Margi Koch, Accentuate the Positive, March 2008 Graduate

I cannot say enough good things about Midwest Staging and Grace Ann Simoni. Not only was the class informative, but fun as well. I left feeling more confident in pursuing my own business and with enough information to help me get started. All I can say is that I was very happy that I chose Midwest Staging over other institutes. Everyone was wonderful to work with. Jan Barkby April 2008 Graduate

I did my home work on picking the right school to take my training. A boy did I make the right choice. Not only did I learn more than I thought I would, but any time I have a question, help, or just need to talk, Grace Ann is always there for me. Little did I know I would also gain a friend. I now do trade shows, speak to groups, do color, staging and also redesign. I have also sent several other students to this school, and they all loved it. Lindsay C. A Shade Above, November 2005 Graduate

GraceAnn is an amazingly talented woman. Working with her was a wonderful experience and she helped me gain knowledge that a book just would not provide. Midwest Staging Redesign Institute was a wonderful experience and I highly recommend the programs provided. ~ Just Decorating By Jamie, Ltd, November 2006 Graduate