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Staging Training


Experience a Redesign/Staging

Interior Redesign or Real Estate Staging

The Training programs include actual redesigns and staging in someone's home. I believe the real world experience for our students is invaluable in their training to become a Certified Redesign Specialist or Qualified Staging Professional.

With frequent classes, the Midwest Staging Redesign Institute occasionally needs additional rooms for Interior Redesign as well as for Real Estate Staging.

If you're willing to open your home to our students - usually 6 students per course plus the instructor - for a half day, then you may qualify.

As seen on our calendar, courses are held in the Naperville area each month. If your home is located near Naperville, IL and you're willing to let us transform your home, then you may be eligible for a discounted redesign or staging.

For further information, contact the Institute for details.