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Currently the Midwest Staging Redesign Institute only holds scheduled courses in Naperville, IL and Pittsburgh, PA. But, GraceAnn Simoni, owner and instructor of the institute, can come to you if you are outside of the Chicagoland Area!

If you would like to be a "Host" for a Redesign or Staging class in your area, there are a few requirements:

  1. As "Host" you would be responsible for the planning and management of the course for the week. Basically, you would find the homes to preview for the course, determine the best accommodation options, provide tools I can't bring on an airplane, and provide transportation to the practice homes. In return, the "Host" is offered a discount on his/her tuition fees, the remaining students pay $2,850 tuition.
  2. I require a minimum of four (4) students to conduct an out-of-area training program. You are not responsible for finding the additional students; however, if you have a business partner in mind or a few interested friends, you are well on your way to being a 'host' for your area. Please note, if 4 students are not registered for the course, there is no guarantee the course will proceed as scheduled.
  3. The tuition for the "Out of Town Hosted" program is $3,000.00 per student (the additional fees are to offset my travel & additional logistical support.) Remember though, the "Host" does receive a discount on the tuition.

The Midwest Staging Redesign Institute

Bringing my Redesign and/or Staging Program to your town is a perfect way to join the coveted group of MSRI Graduates without having to travel far from home. Plus, you have the ability to invite a potential business partner or other colleagues so the class will be twice as much fun as well as informative for all!

This is a great opportunity for you to realize your passion of becoming a part of the fastest growing industry in the design field.

If you are interested in hosting a training program in your area, feel free to contact me via our online form, or call 630-355-1983 for further information.