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The Business of Redesign & Staging

Welcome to the Midwest Redesign & Staging Institute web site.  You have made a wise decision in your future.  The profession of Interior Redesign and Real Estate Staging is quickly moving to the forefront of the design industry.  What better way to use your talents than to redesign those spaces we call home.

Throughout the week of our redesign training course, you will discover the steps to turn a room into a dream come true.  Homeowners dream they can have rooms like the ones shown in the magazines.  They wish their homes to be comfortable and inviting, and they hope they can afford to have the look they desire.  In taking Redesign training, you would be taking the first step to have the chance to live a dream as we do, and to turn your passion into a business and a way of life.

During the days of our Real Estate Staging training course, you will learn the techniques of turning a home into a product to be sold, many times selling faster and for more money.  Join the growing trend.  As the real estate market slows, the Real Estate Staging industry is getting stronger and more popular with home sellers. 

Please know that if you are somewhere other than the Chicagoland area, where our standard courses are located, and would like to take my 3-Day Home Staging or the 5-Day Interior Redesign course, I will be happy to travel to YOUR area for a class of 3 students.  For additional information, visit our Host a Course page.

I welcome you to the wonderful profession of Interior Redesign and Real Estate Staging, where you will make your clients’ dreams, wishes, and hopes come true.

GraceAnn SimoniSincerely,

Grace Ann Simoni

Midwest Staging Redesign Institute

Yours Redesigned