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Heavy Duty Wall Hanger Set

NOW! Hang Heavy Pictures, Mirrors & Wall Decorations Without Anchoring Hanger in Stud!

No Tools Required!

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"This Unique Heavy Duty Wall Hanger Replaces other hangers for Hollow Core Walls & Paneling"





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How to Install your Heavy Duty Wall Hanger

Heavy Duty Wall Hangers1. Remember, no need to locate wall stud because this hanger works without studs - uses strength of wall panel to support weight! Simply mark spot on wall where you want base of hook to be. Then mark second spot approximately 1/4" above first spot. This is point where hanger should be inserted.

wall Hangers

2. "Drill" chisel end of hanger into wall by twisting hanger back and forth with your hand. Force chisel point into wall as you twist. (On old-style plaster/lathe walls, pre-drilling may be required.)

hang pictures without nails3. After chisel point passes through wall, twist hanger so hook end is upright. Then push balance of hanger into wall until only hook is visible. Hanger is now ready for use.

4. To remove hanger, simply pull out of wall and fill small hole with putty or spackling compound.